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Master Fic Rec List HP



A Fracture of the Mind's Eye
Author: Rushlight Rating:NC-17 Category:Angst, hurt/comfort, non-con, darkish Pairing: Remus/Harry, Harry/others Length:medium Status:complete Warnings:multiple realities, rape, violence Summary: A tragedy at the end of Harry's seventh year makes him redefine his perception of reality.

A Good Match
Author: Briarrows69 Rating:R Category:Romance/Drama Pairing:SS/HP Length:long Status:incomplete Warnings:yaoi/slash Summary: Harry tries a blood magic potion to better understand his summer potions homework, but mixes up the name with another potion that binds the drinker to his or her most compatible match in ability(not necessarily romantic, for instance, siblings are often bonded). Guess who Harry gets bonded with?

Room for One More
Author: DementorDelta rating Rating:PG Category: Pairing:hp/ss Length:brief Status:comp Warnings: Summary(s):

A More Familiar Stranger
Author: poetic licence Rating:R Category:General/Romance Pairing:DM/HP Length:20000 Status:incomplete Warnings:yaoi Summary: 8 years after the final battle against Voldemort after Ron's death, Harry is still missing and Hermione has tried to put her life back together. One day, she runs into a familiar stranger on the street. Welcome to the aftermath. HP/DM

A Movement in A Minor
Author: Vee-sempai Rating:R Category:Romance/Drama Pairing:HP/DM Length:18000 Status:incomplete Warnings:yaoi Summary: Set in Harry's seventh year. A journey through darkness and sorrow taken to preserve Harry's own sanity... and protect the world from the true threat: himself. Slash.

A Simple Request
Author: Fabula Rasa Rating:PG-13 Category:Romance/Humour Pairing:SB/SS Length:very short Status:complete Warnings:yaoi, humour Summary: Harry has one request to make before leaving Hogwarts.

Author: Rushlite Rating:NC-17 Category:Romance/Angst Pairing:SS/HP Length:Longish Status:Complete Warnings:yaoi, non-con, follow the links to get to the story Summary: When Harry is captured by Deatheaters Snape is forced to make a difficult decision

A Good Buy
Author: Minx Rating:Hard R Category:Humour/Romance Pairing:HP/SS Length:Medium Status:Complete Warnings:yaoi, sweetness[I think anyway] Summary: The Griffindors hold a slave auction to raise money for their seventh-year trip. Guess who buys Harry...

A Very Happy New Year
Author: Resident Goddess Rating:PG Category:Humour/Romance Pairing:HP/DM Length:2500 Status:Complete Warnings:light slash Summary:It's New Years at Hogwarts, and the gang enjoys a little bit of alcohol. Who knows where this will lead…and why isn't Malfoy drinking?

Broken Bonds
Author: diagonalist Rating:NC-17 Category:Romance/Angst Pairing:Harry/Draco, Severus/Harry Length:4 chapters Status:Complete Warnings:yaoi, angst by the bucket load password: psa james1 Summary: When Draco dies, the mind-bond that he and Harry shared breaks. Harry learns to live with the pain, and gains comfort from unlikely sources.

Broken Innosence
Author: Jade !!!LINK DOESNT WORK!!! Rating:NC-17 Category:Angst/Romance Pairing(s):Voldemort/Harry, Voldemort/Draco, Lucius/Draco, Harry/Draco Length:Short[currently] Status:Incomplete Warnings:Chan, angst, AU, NCS Summary:Draco is offered to Voldemort by his father and Harry Potter is captured and enslaved by Voldemort. Draco is treated as a cherished and favoured whore and Harry is treated as a prisoner. When Draco displeases his master his is lowered to common prisoner and forced to live in a cell with Harry. At the same time that Harry is brought before Voldemort, Draco is brought before Voldemort for his "sins".They despise each other (Harry because Malfoy is His whore and Draco because Harry is The enemy) but almost immediately share a bed in mutual need to forget where they are and what is happening to them. Little by little the two boys fall in love and find that they need each other more than they need each others bodies. That is when Voldemort begins to play his games. Taking Draco away, whoring him in front of Harry (Lucius takes Draco who is forced to climax), separating them, only to shove them together and starve them, watching them turn against each other.

Can You Hear My Voice
Author: Serenitas Rating:PG-13 Category:Romance Pairing:DM/HP Length:1800 Status:Complete Warnings: slight slash, thoughts of suicide Summary: Harry wants to be the Boy Who Lived No Longer. Can Draco stop him before Harry makes a huge mistake?

Author: Plumeria Rating:PG-13 Category:Romance Pairing:HP/DM Length:5 chapters Status:Complete Warnings: yaoi Summary: Ron is certain about Harry's feelings for someone

Chasing Draco Malfoy
Author: ashes in the wind Rating:PG-13 Category:Romance Pairing:HP/DM Length:8700 Status:complete Warnings:yaoi Summary: Hermione muses why she hasn't seen the obvious. Features a clueless Hermione, insolent Harry and furious (most of the time) Draco. Harry/Draco slash, Hermione's POV

Chasing the Moon
Author: Aranami Rating:PG-13 Category:Romance/Humour Pairing:SS/RL? Length:4000 Status:complete Warnings:This story contains and is based around SLASH. Meaning boyXboy love. If you can't handle that then bye bye! *waves* I dont' think this story will get above PG-13, unless I suddenly get people requesting a little more... physical attention. *wink wink* Summary: Severus Snape is thrown into a barrel of emotions when a simple prank brings him closer to someone he never would have guessed. (takes place during Marauders time) WARNING: contains SLASH!

Author: Naadi Moonfeather Rating:PG-13 Category:Romance/Humour Pairing:DM/HP Length:105000 Status:Incomplete Warnings:very long incomplete story[but it's worth waiting for], slash Summary: Draco has a plan to get Harry Potter, and challenges him to a game of dare chess - but is it seduction or betrayal he has in mind?

Clipped Wings
Author: Theresa Ann Wymer Rating:R Category:AU, Drama/Angst, First Time Pairing:HP/SS Length:Medium Status:Complete Warnings:slash, crazy-violent muggles Summary: Challenge= Auction, Snape's for sale. Harry buys him. (Kira) : After catastrophe, Harry deals with survivor's guilt and finds hope for himself and others.

series Author: Telanu Rating:PG-13 Category:humour/romance Pairing:SS/HP Length:short in general Status:complete Warnings:yaoi Summary: Your Horoscope For Today: The coffeemaker is broken, and Snape needs coffee. He really does. Like, he really needs...oy. What a day. Oh, Just This Once: Prequel-that-was-written-later to "Horoscope"; how that unlikely union came about. Read them in whatever order you like. K/N: An absolutely hilarious par of fics

Coming of Age
Author: Frances Potter Rating:PG-13 Category:Drama/Angst/mystery/action/adventure Pairing:?? Length:loong! Status:incomplete Warnings: Summary: After finally defeating Voldemort, Harry Potter can take no more. He leaves the wizarding world for good. But three years later the Dark Lord has a 21st birthday present for the Boy Who Lived. Just what Draco has to do with that present is anyone's guess. An Animagus, Ron and Hermione living together and the least likely person to be an Auror are all there to help, but just what role does Dudley Dursley play in all this!

Author: Tygeress Rating:PG Category:Romance Pairing:DM/HP Length:very short Status:complete Warnings:yaoi Summary: If you love loooong fics I suggest you go away now. This is pretty short. Oh, and it's m/m slash. That means one boy thinking about another in a non-platonic sense. Shoo, all you homophobic types. Shoo!

Death Eater Takes A Holiday
Author: Lee Lee Potter Rating:NC-17 Category:First Time/drama-Angst/romance Pairing:SS/HP Length:[currently]53 chapters Status:Incomplete Warnings: Summary: Albus sends some members of the order on a vacation from their stressful selves [MUCH better than it sounds!!!!]

Do As I Say
Author: JayKay Rating:**NC-17 Category:PWP Pairing:Snape/Harry/Remus Length:Short Status:Complete Warnings:Three-some yaoi Summary: Harry turns himself over to his lovers' tender mercies.

Draco in Darkness
Author: Plumeria Rating:PG-13 Category:Romance Pairing:HP/DM Length:Medium-long Status:Complete Warnings:yaoi Summary: Following an accident in his seventh year, Draco loses his eyesight. At first he completely withdraws, avoiding any hint of pity, as well as any assistance; he is determined to succeed on his own. But after Harry elbows his way into Draco's dark world, both boys find themselves in a strange new friendship, and they each learn new ways to see each other … and themselves.

Draco Malfoy's Christmas Wish
Author: Rhysenn Rating:PG Category:Romance/Humour Pairing:HP/DM Length:Short Status:Complete Warnings:Cuteness & yaoi Summary: Draco gets a very interesting surprise for Christmas, and let's just say the yuletide cheer gets around

Author: Penguin Rating:R Category:Romance Pairing:HP/DM Length:long Status: With Sequel Warnings:yaoi Summary: The mind can create a Heaven of Hell and a Hell of Heaven. Draco and Harry had definitely not planned to fall in love, but their love is stronger than either of them expected.

Author: Rube and [mostly] Jade Rating:NC-17 Category:Romance[angst/humour] Pairing:HP/SS Length:15 chapters Status:complete Warnings:yaoi/slash Summary: When he defeated Voldemort Harry lost all his powers. Officially declared a squib Harry left for the Muggle world, not able to bear living in a world full of things reminding him of what he cannot do... Years later Professor Snape encounters a familiar whore in Muggle London.

Far From Innocent
Author: Deirdre Riordan Rating:R Category:Romance/Humour Pairing:HP/DM Length:6200 Status:incomplete Warnings:yaoi Summary: Harry and Draco are summer Quidditch instructors at Hogwarts. Can they survive the summer without killing each other? *snickers*

'Fine Lines' & 'Shades of Grey'
Author: Shadowphoenix Rating:R Category:Angst/Drama/Romance Pairing:SS/HP Length: over 100000 Status:incomplete Warnings:series, loss of memory, yaoi/slash Summary: FINE LINES- When Lucius Malfoy seeks to become the next Dark Lord, Severus Snape finds himself the unwilling protector of Harry Potter, who has no memory of the wizarding world. SHADES OF GREY- *sequel to Fine Lines* Severus and Harry return to Hogwarts, where they will soon discover that the past is not easily forgotten. (SS/HP slash) WIP

Author: Rya Silverflame Rating:PG-13 Category:Romance/drama Pairing:DM/HP Length:15000 Status:incomplete Warnings:yaoi Summary: Draco and Harry have been bitter enemies for five long years. What happens when a discovery is made, one that will change everything? Warning: This piece is slash. Don't like it, don't read it. And no, this story is not as cliche as it sounds.

Flavour of the Weak
Author: Tayven Rating:R Category:Humour/Romance Pairing:HP/DM Length:short Status:Complete Warnings:light slash Summary: Draco has hidden talents! - In which we discover one of Harry's little weaknesses and "He appears, but a man."

Forbidden Thoughts
Author: Tygeress Rating:PG Category:Romance Pairing:DM/HP Length:Very short Status:complete/needs sequel Warnings:yaoi Summary:

From the Blood
Author: Dorothy Rating:PG-13 Category:Romance/angst? Pairing:DM/HP Length:short Status:Complete Warnings:yaoi, kinda dark/blood- but with a purpose Summary: Harry and Draco have a secret; How do they tell the rest of the students at Hogwarts? 'From our blood, Harry, from our blood'.

Griffindor Intrigues
Author: Orphne Rating:PG-13 Category:Humour/Romance Pairing:HP/DM Length:medium-short Status:complete Warnings:light slash Summary: The trio plots against Malfoy, but it doesn't go exactly as planned.

Harry Potter & the Magic of Mistletoe
Author: November Snowflake Rating:PG-13 Category:Romance Pairing:DM/HP Length:medium Status:complete Warnings: yaoi... Summary: A secret holiday gift precipitates fierce snogging and fiercer confusion.

He Is NOT My Boyfriend!
Author: Lunadeath Rating:R Category:Romance/Humour Pairing:DM/HP Length:79500 Status:incomplete Warnings:slash Summary: The sly Malfoy gets out of trouble by telling those he sees that he and Harry are a couple. Of course, it's not true. Or is it? and how will Harry's friends get along with him?

How Gilderoy Lockhart Heroically Defeated the Evil in Professor Snape
Author: ??? [I'm not sure, if you know e-mail me!!] Rating:R Category:Humour, humour, romance Pairing:Uh, one-way Gilderoy/Snape, eventual Snape/Harry. Length: short Status:complete Warnings:yaoi... Summary: Gilderoy decides that Snape could really use a nemesis. That leaves his regular nemesis to drool over him. Poor Harry. What a tough job.

If You Are Prepared
Author: Cybele Rating:NC-17 Category:Drama Pairing:HP/SS [?] Length:loooong[trilogy] Status:Complete Warnings:yaoi Summary:
The Truth About Harry Dumbledore has a plan to keep Severus and the boy safe. Rated R, for language and content.
The Boy Cannot Know Can Severus keep the boy safe without losing himself in the process. Rated NC-17.
Come What May What's coming will come and we'll meet it when it does. Severus and Harry work on their...whatever. Rated NC-17.

Into the Cold Fire
Author: Shamera Rating:PG-13 Category:Angst/Romance Pairing:DM/HP Length:43000 Status:complete Warnings:Angst and angst. This is NOT going to be a happy, feel good story. I might end this with a happy ending, but I doubt it unless people actually convice me. And even though I'll use it as an alternate ending. LOL. A little bit of Draco+Harry/Harry+Draco but it won't come up until later. Summary: After a final fight with Voldemort, Harry is sent to another world... a world where he died ten years ago, Voldemort is still at large, and his parents are alive. But the differences aren't stopping at that. H/D *Complete with Epilogue!

Irrisistable Poison
Author: Rhysenn + + + + + Rating:PG-13 Category:Romance/angst Pairing:DM/HP Length:novel-long Status:complete with bonus' Warnings:shonen-ai, angst Summary(s): Under the influence of a love potion, Draco learns that poison doesn't always bring death -- there are other ways to suffer and live. Chemical emotion runs feverish as Harry and Draco discover the intoxication of love.

Just One Kiss Beneath the Mistletoe
Author: Warui Warui Neko Rating:PG-13 Category:Romance/Humour Pairing:HP/DM Length:10800 Status:? Warnings:yaoi/slash Summary: Harry and Draco are stuck under a mistletoe.... *literally* Yup it is obviously *slash*!!! *Chapter 11 up!*

Know Thy Enemy
Author: Suaine Rating:PG-13 Category:Romance/Action/Adventure Pairing:DM/HP Length:27000 Status:incomplete Warnings:This is for all intents and purposes a SLASH fiction, which means that same-sex romantic entanglements are somehow involved. Within this story you will find unrequited crushes on people of the same gender, a Harry/Draco romance and also Ron/Hermione because I believe they are destined to get together at some point. Summary: "Or perhaps in Slytherin, you'll make your real friends" - cunning, ambitious, unscrupulous = Slytherin. When Harry eavesdrops on his Slytherin nemesis he's in for a surprise.

Lay Your Bet
Author: Jade !!!LINK NOT WORKING!!! Rating:NC-17 Category:Romance/humour/PWP Pairing:SS/HP Length:4 chapters Status:complete Warnings:slash & silliness Summary: A bet is made about Snape's 'bits' after watching a muggle movie and Harry is sent to investigate

Let the Darkness Take You
Author: RadeliaPotter Rating:R Category:Romance/Mystery Pairing:H/D Length:long Status:complete Warnings:yaoi Summary: Harry returns to his sixth year at Hogwarts to find that darkness is very quickly permeating the school. It seems as though the only person to realise this, is Harry. When all seems lost, two people come to him and offer their help. Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy. As the three work together to unravel the mystery that is hovering over them, they each have to fight their own battles and overcome the darkness that is threatening to take them.

Author: Tikindi Dragon Rating:R Category:Romance/angst Pairing:H/D Length:1300 Status:complete Warnings:yaoi, dark content - read summary! Summary: Hary/Draco slash. Dark-fic. Don't read unless it is *very* difficult to offend you!

One Piece of Parchment
Author: Amanuensis Rating:NC-17 Category:Horror/Romance Pairing:Harry/Draco, Harry/Voldemort Length:shory Status:complete Warnings:Horror, Non-con, Violence, Romance yaoi angst out the wazoo -: password= canary cream Summary: Angst-fest and manipulative contrivance of epic proportions. The author apologizes.

Pale Green
Author: Flambeau Rating:PG-13 Category:Humour/Romance? Pairing:SS/HP Length:medium-short Status:complete [needs a sequel] Warnings:yaoi Summary: Harry faces up to a dare and the consequences [I really enjoy this one]

Potions With Purpose
Author: Olivia Lupin + + + Rating:NC-17 Category:Romance/PWP Pairing:Draco/Harry Length:medium Status:complete Warnings:yaoi- password canary cream Summary: Harry's been staring at Draco, and Draco just wants to know why. An evening together offers the opportunity to find out, but Draco's having a very hard time concentrating. On anything. Except Harry. And having a conversation is NOT what he's thinking of.

Author: Frances Potter Rating:R Category:Humour/romance/angst Pairing:HP/DM Length: Status:complete Warnings:slash, spoilers[...obviously] Summary: When you've spent six years fighting evil, all you really want is a quiet time. But when your name is Harry Potter the chances of that are very slim. A series of vignettes chronicling Harry's final six months at Hogwarts.

Rite of Passage
Author: Rushlite Rating:NC-17 Category:Humour/Romance Pairing:SS/HP Length:2500 Status:Complete Warnings:yaoi, follow the links to get to the story Summary:Harry Comes of age in the Wizarding World and learns of a certain...custom

Seamus is Seamus and You Are Yourself
Author: Ari Munami Rating:PG-13 Category:Humour/Romance Pairing:DM/HP Length:long Status:complete Warnings:yaoi humorous viewpoints Summary: Harry goes through some... er, changes before Sixth Year. Everyone, including Draco Malfoy, sits up and takes notice.

Season of Healing
Author: Dien Alcyone Rating:R Category:General/Romance[humour] Pairing:Will be Harry/Snape, but nothing of the sort as of yet Length:currently 60000 Status:incomplete Warnings:yaoi swearing at Snape[hehe] Summary: Circumstances lead Harry Potter to stay with Severus Snape for the summer before his seventh year-- a development neither of them expect to be happy with. But they both have a lot to learn about eachother... and a lot to unlearn. And perhaps, in the process, they can each find some healing.

Sins of Omission Series
Author: Nym + + + Rating:NC-17 at parts Category: Drama, Angst, Romance, AU Pairing: SS/HP Length:long Status:complete Warnings:yaoi Summary(s): Consequences Believing that they are about to die, teacher and student cross the line. Sins of Omission Snape suffers the consequences of his indiscretion. Sequel to "Consequences" in the "Sins of Omission" series. No Greater Sin Harry struggles to come to terms with his growing power, and with Snape. Third story in the "Sins of Omission" series.

'Fine Lines' & 'Shades of Grey'
Author: Shadowphoenix Rating:R Category:Angst/Drama/Romance Pairing:SS/HP Length: over 100000 Status:incomplete Warnings:series, loss of memory, yaoi/slash Summary: FINE LINES- When Lucius Malfoy seeks to become the next Dark Lord, Severus Snape finds himself the unwilling protector of Harry Potter, who has no memory of the wizarding world. SHADES OF GREY- *sequel to Fine Lines* Severus and Harry return to Hogwarts, where they will soon discover that the past is not easily forgotten. (SS/HP slash) WIP

Shallow Sleep
Author: Kafe Rating:PG-13 Category:Romance/humour Pairing:RL/SB Length:7000 Status:incomplete Warnings:Slash, first fic warning...a plot thats been way over done > but you have to start somewhere...right? [ All Spelling mistakes are my own. ] Summary: Remus (15) has feelings for a certain star *cough*Sirius (15 also)*cough* and one day the feelings get a little much.....

Sodomite's Minion
Author: ??? {let me know if you do!} Rating:PG-13 Category:Humour Pairing:Almost Harry/Snape, hinting at Snape/lots of people Length:short Status:complete Warnings:yaoi swearing at Snape[hehe] Summary: Inspired by an actual, woefully inadequate but strangely evocative dictionary definition. Harry is in first or second year, young and naive... Harry's ignorance over an insult arouses Snape's Potter-baiting tendencies.

Author: Jade LINK NOT WORKING Rating:NC-17 Category:humour[...i found it funny] Pairing:DM/HP Length:medium-short Status:Incomplete Warnings: sorta non-con Summary: Draco uses the Imperius Curse on Harry at night. Unfortunately he doesn't know of Harry's ability to throw it off...

series Author: Telanu Rating:NC-17 Category:humour/adventure/romance..the whole lot! Pairing:SS/HP Length:5 average lengthed fics and 1 novel-lengthed fic (so far) Status:incomplete Warnings:yaoi K/N: A sweet quirky little get-together fic... well.. as quirky as SS/HP can ever Summary: A Most Disquieting Tea: Dumbledore has Snape in for a little chat. Almost, At Times, The FoolSnape watches Harry; so Harry starts watching him back. Like A Glass: "Almost, At Times, The Fool." Harry has a vision that indicates Snape may be in mortal danger. What will he do? Corresponding: exactly as the title says A Wizard Song: The novel-length sequel to "Corresponding," and the fifth (but not the final!) installment of the Tea series. Has its own menu page.

Ten Zillion Points From Gryffindor
Author: Amanuensis Rating:NC-17 Category:Humour/Romance Pairing:HP/SS Length:medium-short Status:complete Warnings:yaoi- password canary cream Summary: Revenge on Snape appears to have been unwarranted. Harry takes advantage of the situation anyway

The Bath Story
Author: Cybele [I believe...] Rating:PG-13 Category:Humour/ Pairing:HP/SS Length:short Status:complete Warnings: yaoi..humour Summary: Harry discovers a rather disturbing secret about his long-time lover

The Big House
Author: The-Dove Rating:PG-13 Category:Humour/Romance Pairing:SS/HP Length:short-so far 2000wrds Status:incomplete Warnings:yaoi suggestions Summary: What happens when Sirius, Lupin, Harry, and Severus are arrested? SS/HP, SB/RL!

The Challenge
Rating:NC-17 Category:Humour/Romance Pairing:SS/HP Length:medium-short Status:complete Warnings:slash and yaoi... password: canary cream Summary: Snape becomes the focus of Seventh Year Mayhem

The Coconut Fic (Dumbledore's Isle)
Rating:R Category:humour Pairing:HP/SS Length:short Status:complete Warnings:silliness yaoi password: canary cream Summary:

The Golden Snitch
Rating:R Category:Romance/angst Pairing:D/H Length:124000 Status:incomplete! Warnings:yaoi Summary: HD slash. I'm warning you. Harry and Draco trying to get the upper hand of each other, mentally and physically. Some roughness and some tenderness. And some weirdness... And Voldemort drinking mint tea.

The Last Dance
Rating:NC-17 Category:Romance/Heavy Angst Pairing:SS/HP Length:Longish Status:complete Warnings:yaoi/slash angst out the wazoo Summary: character death; heavy, heavy, heavy angst - this one froze a hole through MY[the authoress's] chest wall
K/N:sad but verrrry good

The Mistletoe Incident
Rating:PG-13 Category:Humour/Romance/Poetry[rhyming]format Pairing:HP/DM Length:short Status:complete Warnings:yaoi.. Summary:

The Road to Hell [Trilogy]
Rating:NC-17 Category:Humour/Romance Pairing[s]:{RL/HP} {SS/HP/RL/SB} {SS/HP/RL/SB} Length:not tooo long Status:complete Warnings:threesome! yaoi major slash Summary: who cares!? It's hilarious and terribly go read it!!!!

The Untold Want
Rating:PG-13 Category:Romance/angst Pairing:D/H Length:33900 Status:incomplete Warnings:yaoi Summary: Warning: Harry/Draco slash. The 5th year at Hogwarts begins with a dramatic confrontation between Harry and Draco.*CHAPTER 11 UPLOADED*

The Worst Happiest Day Of His Life
Rating:NC-17 Category:Humour/Parody Pairing:HP/DM Length:medium-short Status:complete Warnings:yaoi- password canary cream Summary: "We have to WHAT!?!"

This Side of Me
Rating:R Category:Romance/General Pairing:DM/HP Length:47000 Status:complete Warnings:yaoi Summary: Saving his mortal enemy in a moment of insanity Draco is suddenly labelled a hero. Floundering in a new life and hiding from Death Eaters with Harry he finds that his allegiance isn’t the only thing that’s changed DH COMPLETE

Too Wise To Woo Peaceably
Rating:NC-17 Category:Humour/Romance Pairing:SS/HP Length:long[trilogy] Status:complete Warnings:slash, yaoi ect. Summary: Humor, Romance. Hey, kids, let's put on a show! aka Hogwarts meets Shakespeare. [next 2 titles: Look Pale With Love & A Kind of Merry War

Unforgettable Fire
Rating:PG-13 Category:Romance Pairing:DM/HP Length:22000 Status:incomplete Warnings:yaoi/slash Summary: The mist could act as a catalyst, and aphrodisiac, and an enhancer to potion properties. It could also start and Unforgettable Love. Harry/Draco SLASH

Very Interesting Christmas Break
Rating:R Category:Humour/romance Pairing:H/D Length:38000 Status:? Warnings:yaoi Summary: Over a very lonely Christmas Break, Harry decides to hang out with Draco. In the process he learns more about Draco (in more ways than one) than he imagined he ever would! A hilariously insane little love story featuring everyone's favorite, Drag!Draco

Welcome to the Real World
Rating:R Category:Romance/Drama Pairing:D/H Length:129000 Status:complete Warnings:yaoi and slash Summary: A Harry/Draco romance, set post-Hogwart's in muggle London. Includes red mittens, linoleum, witty retorts, angst, love, dance clubs, strange friends, cooking shows, and coffee (not necessarily in that order)! Chapt.14: And that's all she wrote! **THIS IS A GOOD ONE!**

What He Couldn't Say
by: Scarlet Carly # # # # Rating:NC-17 Category:humour/angst/romance Pairing:HP/SS Length:shortish Status:complete [needs a sequel badly] Warnings:yaoi.. Summary: Harry Writes a letter about how his infatuated with snape...It goes astray

Whiskey and Vodka
Author: Setissma + + + Rating:R Category:Romance/hurt-comfort Pairing:Remus/HP Length:medium Status:complete Warnings:yaoi Summary(s): Harry is living with Remus and suffering from nightmares; Remus tries to help in ways ranging from tea to sleeping potions to a night light. In the end, however, only one thing proves helpful in chasing Harry's bad dreams away, and it causes a slow shift in their relationship that leads to drunken confessions -- hence the title.

Whispers in the Rain
Rating:PG-13 Category:Romance/Humour Pairing:DM/HP Length:25700 Status:complete Warnings:yaoi/slash Summary: As the students of Hogwarts grow older, Draco and Harry find themselves realizing secrets and attractions hidden in their souls. (harry/draco pairing) (pg13 for slash and mild language) :*:COMPLETE:*:

You Have No Pants
Rating:PG-13 Category:humour/romance Pairing:h/d? Length:short Status:incomplete Warnings:yaoi? lots of pants...stupidness Summary: It seem to everyone in the boys dorm one night that Harry got laid. Why you ask? Because he shows up at midnight with no pant...Now everyone is trying if out who he slept with...And What did happen to Harrys pants?

A Bittersweet Potion
Author: Alchemia dent and Bugland + + + + Rating:PG Category: Pairing:HP/SS Length:loooong! Status:incomplete Warnings: Summary(s):

A Choriambic Progression
Author: Mairead Triste and Aristide rating Rating:PG Category: Pairing: Length: Status: Warnings: Summary(s): Change Author: Nym rating Rating:PG Category: Pairing: Length: Status: Warnings: Summary(s):

Drunken Domesticity
Author: Icarus rating Rating:PG Category: Pairing: Length: Status: Warnings: Summary(s):

An Unlikely Friendship
Author: Alvit-Valkyrie rating!!?? Rating:PG Category: Pairing: Length: Status: Warnings: Summary(s):

The Kiss
Author: aucta sinistra + + + + Rating:PG Category: Pairing:HP/SS Length: Status: Warnings: Summary(s):

series- Whispers/Percent/Indiscretion
Author: maldoror rating!!!?? Rating:PG Category: Pairing: Length: Status: Warnings: Summary(s): maldoror-series-whispers(dark) percent(rapedark) and indesretion(humour) arcs

Those who Survived
Author: Kadira Kerkhoff rating!!?? Rating:PG Category: Pairing: Length: Status: Warnings: Summary(s):

Of Wolf and Man
Author: maeglin yedi rating!!?? Rating:PG Category: Pairing: Length: Status: Warnings: Summary(s):

The Wizard's Bond
Author: Devi the Wynter Wytch rate@!? Rating:PG Category: Pairing: Length: Status: Warnings: Summary(s):

The Mirror of Maybe
Author: Midnight Blue rating!? Rating:PG Category: Pairing: Length: Status: Warnings: Summary(s):
 Oscillate Wildly by Marks HPDM; AU fic. NC-17, longish, i think it's complete Summary: Harry cycles between 2 worlds.  Hogwarts and and an Asylum (where his 'rents are still alive and he has a roomie in a certain toe-head) K/N: I really enjoyed the concept of this fic.

Corruption (3 parts) HP turned into a mix of dark creatures by volde. he takes DM as his mate.  Not as dark as it sounds.

Judas Kiss
somg sooo good supposed to be first of trilogy

SSHP good nice ending but with plotholes easy eequel_noncon at beginning and forced marriage

The Hero's Reward
very very good sequel would be nice but not needed

The Rules of Being a Godson
post DH Teddy/James very very cute pg13 watch as they grow up_fairly short

Snape:  The Homefries Nazi
verrrrry good.  Post Voldemort.  Certain people loose their magic.  HP goes to snape for help.

In Theory
Snarry; The story is alright, just the right size to read in one sitting (few hours), but the pron is great!
Summary: Post DH; Lucius appears at HPs door telling him SS is alive, and he'll take HP to him if he does him a favour.

Getting There
JamesxScorpius; really cute; 59000 words

Just Add Water by Cybele
BillHP; alcohol has a curious effect on the boy who lived.
KN: quite noncon-y.  HP is drunk off his ass and BW manipulates him.  The end makes it a little less like drunken-daterape though and leaves open the possibility for more.  (there isn't more but...I can wish)

Upside Down by Sabrina
Harry/Percy; Adult; Harry finds Percy drunk in a muggle pub.
KN: this is another unique one.  And the fic that got me onto Harry/Percy aswell... well this or The Detention Rimming With Guilt in which Percy takes the DA position after Umbridge.  It has the potential for some really awesome H/C but the author chose to go the route of meaningless pron which made me stop reading.

And Now You Know by Rubykate
Charlie/HP, unrequited BillHP 
Good.  Can't really say depressing or sad fic 'cause it's not.  It's just got that quiet, calm, serious nature that makes the fic seem a little sadder than others.  Maybe just realistic.  But like I said there's nothing sad about it.

With This Ring
Harry/Percy; 20yrs after defeat of Voldemort HP is still Britians most eligible bachelor.  Loooove the dynamic btw these two.  So comfortable in their own skins (and eachother).

Necessary Affections
SSHP; forced bonding; first time; mpreg

The Tao of Job
don't understand what the title has to do with the fic.  Its good.  Medium length single sitting fic.  HP/Percy.  Harry is 18 percy 22? and they both work for the ministry.

This Time
HPSB;  HP goes back in time to the time of the marauders still in school.  Sirius is thrilled.  They get together while HP leaves letters for Hermione to find 30 years in the future.  HP goes back to his time....or does he?

The Suitor's Secret  by Knightsky
malfoy casts a love-curse hex (reveals who he has feelings for) at HP and HP throws himself as SS instead.

Growing Up by Devi the Wynter Wytch
Summary:  Harry struggles to meet both life and death with equinamity
Loove the beginning.  Very well done, totally had me going in the wrong direction!

Bottoms Up
after voldemort was defeated Harry Potter disappeared from the wizarding world.  8 months later SS walks into his bar.

The Mark of Cain  by Beth H
HPSS; Snape is the last death eater and HP has just returned from a 5 year stay in Romania.

Grateful by lotrwariorgodss
nc17 ~25000wrds  AU
Summary: The Wizarding World is a dangerous place for anyone who's different.  But change is coming, and it only takes a tiny spark of life to set off a wildfire.  
Prompt: It's illegal/frowned upon to be gay in the wizarding world.  Harry at 16/17, develops a secret relationship with Prof Snape.  All hell breaks lose when it is discovered.
K/N: SSHP dark world fic, happy ending

A True Match  by lilrinnie (required to join but it's free and simple)
Harry suffers silently from a hidden love for Snape.  He's prepared to take his secret with him to the grave until he receives a Christmas gift.
KN: bonding, graphic sex, Dominant!Snape, Flustered!Harry,  light angst with happy resolution.
Tags: harry potter, rec
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